which share should i buy today ? get correct answer now

A few things should be clear in your mind before deciding which share should i buy today; otherwise, your decision will be wrong. You will be surprised to know that 99% of people make their decisions under the control of some emotion in the field of the stock market, and later they have to suffer heavy losses.

Talking about a bit of psychology, all the news you see daily, like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc., all influence your decision. And you are unaware that you have made a decision under some influence.

Let us understand it with an example.

Suppose you asked your neighbour friend Ramesh which share should i buy today? Rames replied you should buy company “A” share.

After a while, you asked the same question to office friend Mukesh, which share should I buy today, then Mukesh replied that buy any share of A or B!

Now, I already know which company’s stock you will choose.

…….. The answer is; You would only choose the share of Company A.

which share should i buy today

Now I will tell you the straight way, without getting entangled in psychology so that you can make the right decision on which share should i buy today.

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You can use the method described below, whichever country you belong to or any stock market you prefer.

which share should i buy today ?

Only after doing technical analysis and fundamental analysis you will be able to choose the right stock.

But if you don’t have enough time to research each stock, you’ll need to look for an easier path. First of all, you should remember one thing; If you plan to invest long-term, you will need to buy shares in the company that produces the products you use in daily life.

For example, Any daily living product like soap, oil, brush, watch, cooler etc.

You should always choose those stocks of the company which will be in demand in future and if you can choose the sector on which the future rests then even better.

For example, the demand for solar energy and artificial intelligence is going to increase in the future.

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