how to buy shares in india for beginners? learn strategies

how to buy shares in india for beginners ; This question comes to the mind of a new investor when he thinks of investing in the stock market. Anyway, nowadays, everything has become very easy in the digital age.

It was 20 years ago when my father and his friends talked about the stock market, and there were neither news channels nor any website that gave information about the stock market like today.

One had to rely on the newspaper to see the stock market prices and call from the landline to buy and sell the shares. But nowadays, the whole process has become effortless. Today we will talk about ;

how to buy shares in india for beginners

You must have a demat account to invest in the stock market.

You can easily open a demat account from any bank or financial institution. All the buying and selling of the stock market is done from this account.

how to buy shares in india for beginners

Documents Required for Demat Account

1 – Proof of Income
2 – PAN Card
3 – Aadhar card

If you have these three documents, then you don’t need to ask anyone how to buy shares in India for beginners, you can directly download any broker app and register on it.

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Broker’s mediation is necessary for buying and selling of shares. A broker can be any company, and you must have seen their advertisements on YouTube and Google every day like Zerodha, Grow, Angel One, etc.

How to invest?

As I told you in the beginning that earlier you had to make calls to buy or sell shares, but nowadays all the work will be done in your mobile app.

You download the app of any broker company on your mobile, fill in the asked information and start investing in the stock market.


If you want to become a big player in the stock market, then there are some strategies you must follow to profit from the stock market.

The first strategy is not to buy shares by listening to your instincts. Only buy shares once you have done their complete fundamental and technical analysis.

Initially, people bought shares only after listening to the mind’s voice because they felt I had enough knowledge.

People with such a mindset are the ones who suffer the most.

I have seen most people leave the stock market and regret it as soon as they suffer a little loss.
But what do they know that this game starts with a loss. You must take a loss in the stock market to learn something new.

The third stock strategy says that you should not take an aggressive approach initially; that is, start with the intention of protecting yourself from losses first and avoid any big greed.

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