How to lic policy number check without any hassle ? simple procedure

What are the best options for lic policy number check at home? If you have purchased the lic policy, this question must have come to your mind. You must have noticed that you receive a text message via LIC on your mobiles when the date for premium deposits is close.

This message only mentions your policy number and amount.
If we want to know details of our policy, such as how much money we have deposited, nominee name, etc.!

The answer to all these questions will be known only from your policy’s status, but very few people know how to check the policy number.

You will get the answer in this article. After reading the whole article, you will get the knowledge that you can easily do lic policy number check at home.

lic policy number check

First of all, if you want to do a lic policy number check at home, you have to register on the LIC website. It just takes less than 5 minutes.

lic policy number check

You will be able to get information about the policy status of the Life Insurance Corporation of India only after registering.

Suppose someone tells you that you can check lic policy number without registration. Then it would be best if you didn’t trust him because LIC does not share its policyholder information or any policy details with any third party.

But you can get information from the registered mobile number through “ASKLIC” by messaging 56767877. Remember that any time you wish to lic policy number check, take the help of the LIC website and app only.

Now I am telling you how to register on the LIC website easily.

registration procedure

First, you have to go to Google and type LIC Customer Portal. The page will load, and where You will see the column of New User and Registered User.

You have to click on New User, and you will have to fill in your information on the page that will open in front of you.

Enter the policy number and premium amount as information.

Apart from this, you will also have to enter your mobile number and date of birth. After filling in all the information, you must tick the small box below and click on proceed.

In particular, one thing to keep in mind is that the mobile number and email ID you gave should be correct. That means you’re currently using it.

This is important because an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, and an email confirmation link will also be sent.

Unless you confirm the account through your email and enter the OTP on the mobile, you will not be able to register on lic’s portal.

After entering the mobile OTP you can choose your password.

lic policy number check

It would be best to make the password strong; you should use more than eight characters, a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters, numbers, etc.

In this way, you will be registered in your lic’s portal; now we give you information about what to do if you have to lic policy number check at home.

lic policy number check procedure

As you have gone to the portal earlier, you have to choose the registered user instead of the new user.

Then you have to login to lic’s portal by entering the user ID and password.

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When you login on to it, you have to click on basic services. After clicking, many options will come out in front of you, one of which will also be the policy status.

If you have to check the lic policy number then you do not have to register again and again.

You can view your status as many times as you want by clicking on Policy Status.

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