LIC New Pension Plus 867 Plan for your Regular Income

LIC New Pension Plus plan, whose table number is 867, is scheduled to be launched on 5th September 2022. After the launch, this will become the third policy of LIC, which will be launched in 2022.

LIC New Pension Plus Plan 867 is Unit Linked Pension Plan which means it is market linked plan.

How important can this plan prove to be for you, and what is the speciality of this plan? You are going to know it further.

Features of LIC New Pension Plus 867 Plan

Talking about its features, you can buy it by paying both a single and regular premium which can help you to make a fixed income.

Single premium starts from a minimum of 1 lakh, and there is no maximum limit.

If you are paying a regular premium, the minimum premium payable is Rs 30,000 annually, half yearly 16,000, quarterly 9000 and monthly 3000.

LIC New Pension Plus 867 Plan

Now you must have come to mind; how am I telling about the premium without age and sum assured?

So let me tell you that this is a market-linked plan which mainly depends on your investment. Nevertheless, the age to join the LIC New Pension Plus plan 867 has also been fixed.


The minimum age to take the policy is 25 years, and the maximum age has been kept at 75.


The minimum term of the LIC New Pension Plus plan is 10 years, and the maximum is 42 years.

Why you should buy LIC New Pension Plus Plan

It can be helpful for you to build a large corpus from which you can make your regular source of income.

This is the only scheme of its kind that gives you the opportunity of pension and savings with ULIPs.

In LIC New Pension Policy, your money will be invested in four types of funds: Bond, Secured, Balance and Growth Fund. Switching its funds can increase your returns but, at the same time, increase the risk.

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But in this you will get a good chance to increase your returns.

I want to give you more information about this policy: it has a lock-in period of 5 years. .

This means you will not be able to withdraw your money before 5 years. Therefore, understanding your need, invest in it and ensure a better pension.

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