LIC Dhan Varsha plan – Get the10x benefits with this lic’s new plan

LIC Dhan Varsha plan, whose table number is 866, is launching on 17 October 2022. It is a single premium plan that will provide you with guaranteed savings and security.

You will be surprised to know that with this single plan, you can get 10x risk cover.

You should keep in mind that this plan will be available until this financial year only. That is, before the launch of LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana, its closing date has come, which will be 31 March 2023.

LIC Dhan Varsha plan 866 features :

This is a single premium plan in which you will have two options.

option 1

Opting for Option 1 will get a Death Benefit of 1.25 times the Tabular Premium, along with Guaranteed Addition Bonus.

With an example, you will understand my point quickly.

Suppose someone has paid a 10 lakh single premium and dies during the policy period; then the nominee will get 12.5 lakh with a guaranteed additional bonus.

option 2

Opting for the second option will offer a death benefit of 10 times the tabular premium with guaranteed additions.

Taking the previous example, the nominee who had paid a 10 lakh single premium will get Rs 1 crore with a guaranteed bonus if he chooses option two instead of option 1.

There will be a question in your mind what is the benefit of choosing the first option when the money of 10 times more risk cover is being given in the second option?

The answer is that choosing the first option will get a higher bonus than the second.

LIC Dhan Varsha plan

Policy Term

Only two terms are available in lic dhan varsha plan 866. Either you can take this plan for ten years or 15 years.

The term of 10 and 15 years will be fixed for this plan.

Minimum age limit

The minimum age to enter this plan will be three years if you have taken a term of 15 years.

Apart from this, if you have opted for a term of 10 years, then the minimum age to take the policy will be eight years.

Maximum age limit

If you have opted for option 1, the maximum age to enter the Dhan Varsha policy will be 60 years.

If you opt for option two, the maximum age will be 40 years if you choose the term of 10 years.

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And if you take a term of 15 years with option 2 then the maximum age for entering the policy will be 35 years.

Sum Assured

The minimum Sum Assured of LIC Dhan Varsha plan 866 is Rs 1 lakh 25 thousand, and there is no limit on the maximum Sum Assured.

Maturity Amount for LIC Dhan Varsha plan

On Maturity Sum Assured along with Guaranteed Addition Bonus will be available, which will be more than option 1.

Policy Surrender

This policy can be surrendered anytime within the policy term. You will be paid equal to the surrender value.

Loan Facility

Loan facility is available in this policy, you can get loan from this lic Dhan Varsha plan anytime after 3 months from the policy date.

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