can we open 2 accounts in same bank? Know the correct answer

can we open 2 accounts in same bank or not? The rules regarding this will be provided to you. First, you should understand that there are many bank accounts, including current accounts, savings accounts, PPF accounts, salary accounts, etc.

RBI keeps on changing the rules from time to time. Earlier, people could open more than one PPF account, but from 12th December 2019, this too has been closed.

If we talk about a PPF account, you cannot open two accounts in the same bank or another PPF account in any bank. Note that this rule is only for PPF accounts, which is different for other accounts.

Today you will learn about the rules made by the Reserve Bank of India regarding the accounts of banks.

can we open 2 accounts in same bank ?

RBI has never said in its guidelines that two accounts cannot be opened in the same bank.
As per the rules, you can open more than one account on one customer ID, but your new account will be closed if any mistake is found in KYC or if you are hiding any important information from the bank.

can we open 2 accounts in same bank

Anyway, the bank itself keeps motivating you to open another account. If you open your RD, the bank employee explains the FD scheme.

If you have opened your PPF account, you are prompted for life insurance. Even to my knowledge, many banks started their Atal Pension Plan without informing the customer and started deducting money from their account.

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can we open 2 accounts in same bank? All these things answer that you can open two accounts in the same bank. You can open another account in one bank but the customer ID will remain the same.

Why do people want to open 2 accounts in same bank ?

If you open two accounts of the same type in the same bank, you may not get many benefits.

I think you will need to open two accounts in the same bank when you want to open a joint account with your family members.

You will try to open an account with the same bank where your account is already running because you must have had good past experience with that bank.

Now whenever someone asks you this question whether it is possible to open two same accounts in the bank or can we open 2 accounts in same bank, you can say yes without any hesitation.

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